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On July 14, 2012
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We're looking at some of the cheapest Sony laptops - the EG3 series - to check how much value you can squeeze from a premium brand with the right coupon code and some due diligence.

Sony Vaio EG3 Coupon CodeThis particular Sony laptop is the cheapest (with a Sony coupon code) from Sony’s line of VAIO series laptops. This particular model comes with an Intel Pentium B960 processor 2.2 GHz. It also comes with 4 GB of DIMM RAM. The screen size on this particular laptop is only 14 inches Intel HD graphics, which is also why it is the cheapest of this particular series. It comes with 640 GB 5400 RPM hard drive standard.

This particular model only way 7 pounds, which is nice, and light for computer this particular caliber. Its 14-inch LED backlit display is a nice 720 P HD native resolution. It also comes standard with a multiformat CD/DVD drive.

This particular model comes with a Windows 7 home premium 64-bit edition. Due to the fact that Microsoft will be releasing the new Windows 8 soon you will be able to upgrade your Windows 7 Home Premium edition to a Windows 8 home premium edition for the low cost of $15 because with the new Windows 8 less is more. This will also help. This particular computer go faster and be more secure than it was previously able to.

This computer does come with one lithium-ion battery that has 7.5 hours of battery life. However, if you are using it to DVD capabilities, it only has 5.5. One of the nice things about this particular Sony laptop is a comes with a Microsoft office starter kit, which gives you Microsoft word and Excel as well as Norton Internet security 2012. Now the Norton Internet security 2012 is only a 30 day trial offer, it’s good enough to get you started.

It comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty from Sony. The nice part about this particular laptop series it does come with environmental specifications of an energy Star 5.0 rating and a gold EPEAT for reducing environmental impact. It also comes with an RoHS compliant. That means that they had restricted use of lead, mercury, and others hazardous material so you can feel good about the fact that the factory workers who made this laptop are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

It has a five out of five star rating due to the fact that it is extremely cost-effective and a nice little workhorse for the price. A few of the cons or dislikes about this particular model are that it was not super stylish. It feels kind of clunky bulky compared to the MacBook series. And it comes preinstalled with a lot of “bloatware” that is hard to uninstall.

However, for the $400-$550 price range (or equivalent in GBP after applying Sony vouchers) it is a solid computer in the Sony series that gets the job done. Also another nice fact about this particular computer is that it works on the wireless network, which seems to becoming the new norm. It has nice, cool running, especially when you have the laptop on your lap. It also comes with the ability to add more RAM without having to remove the RAM that comes standard with the laptop.

If you’re looking for a good Sony laptop to do day-to-day activities with it, nothing too technical or require too much horsepower, this particular Sony laptop is highly cost-effective and will easily get the job done for basic day-to-day needs. Before you complete your purchase make sure you check our website and Twitter feed for a valid Sony coupon code.

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