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On July 28, 2012
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HP usually make their laptops more attractive with HP coupon codes, and the Folio 13 Ultrabook is no exception. In this review we look at the specs and user reviews available on this model while discerning if this is the right HP deal for you.

HP Folio 13 Coupon CodeIntel’s Ultrabook(tm) concept was never aimed to be cheap, but you’ll definitely be looking for HP Folio coupon codes if you plan to buy one from the no.1 computer manufacturer. This particular HP laptop is part of their ultra book series and has a 13.3 diagonal LED backlit HD Brightview screen with an Intel HD graphics 3000 card. This particular laptop seems to be in the range of $800 new or refurbished. And seems to be you one of HP’s more popular ultra book laptops. This particular laptop also comes with an Intel core i5 – 2467M processor. An overall seems to be one of HP’s backbone laptops in the ultra book series.

This particular laptop also has 4 GB of 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (oneSODIMM slot). This laptop also comes standard with 128 GB solid-state hard drive. This particular laptop has two USB ports and one USB 2.0 port. It weighs approximately 3.3 pounds and has a lithium-ion battery with an average use rate of nine hours. It should be mentioned however, that if you’re using this computer on maximum performance. You will get less life out of your battery.

It also comes with Windows 7 Home Premium edition 64-bit. Due to the fact that Microsoft announced Windows 8 and it will be coming out this year. You will be able to upgrade your Windows 7 Home Premium edition to a Windows 8 home premium edition for the low cost of $15. Because Microsoft is changing with the times, their new motto for Windows 8 is more is less.

This means that you will get more processing power and better safety, security and performance with Windows 8 compared to Windows 7. The consumer review performance for Windows 8 has been phenomenal and it is recommended that you upgrade this laptop to Windows 8 if able.

This particular laptop has the USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port and an SDE card slot. It also comes standard with a full HDMI jack and the backlit keyboard. It also comes standard with headphone speaker and mic jacks and an Ethernet RJ-45 jack.

This Dell laptop also includes a built-in WebCam that is good for video chat in low light environments. This beats the heck out of having to lug around an additional WebCam if you would like to video chat on Skype with one of your friends. It also comes standard with the digital media reader to help transit photos from your digital camera to your laptop without the use of cables. This laptop also includes Bluetooth save time with wireless syncing imprinting.

It should be mentioned that this laptop comes with a built-in mouse. Some consumers would recommend you to purchase an additional optical mouse with a USB hook up. Even though this is an additional thing to carry if you are a gamer or or heavy mouse user. It would be recommended. You can also purchase extended warranties with this particular laptop through Dell and or the place you purchased your laptop.

Overall, this laptop has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Out of the 62 reviews over 37 of those reviews have five star ratings and 15 have the four-star ratings. Many of the reviews are positive about this particular laptop in the ultra book series. Many of the ratings say things such as the best ultra book available in early 2012. This is a great ultraportable laptop.

Many of the complaints about this particular laptop have to do with the built-in mouse pad. Many of these complaints are people pointing out one particular thing and this is the trackpad. This seems to be the coherent theme and even with these poor ratings by these people they say this is a wonderful computer overall.

With HP Coupon Codes – Yes or No?

Even the critics seem to appreciate the specs at this computer has in the performance that it gives. Overall, if you’re looking for a nice HP laptop in the ultra book series, this seems to be the top of the class and seems to be in a reasonable price range. As always, bookmark our website or follow us on Twitter to keep track of the latest HP coupon codes.

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