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On July 14, 2012
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HP 17" laptops are heavy beasts ideal as desktop replacements. In this review we're figuring out what can you get for over 1,000GBP from the Envy 17" series and why is it so important to find a valid HP coupon code before completing the purchase.

HP Envy 17 coupon codesThis particular HP laptop is one of the top high-end laptops available on the market. It is in the higher price range of $1400 (which makes applying HP coupon codes almost mandatory) and has some of the most top-of-the-line specs for an HP laptop today. It comes standard with a 17.3 inch screen with full HD display and ultra sharp 1080 P video on a wider screen. This laptop also comes standard with 750 GB 7200 RPM hard drive. This particular laptop is heavier than the ultra book series and it weighs in at 7.3 pounds.

This HP laptop also comes with 8 GB SDRAM RAM, and an Intel core i7 361QM processor 2.3 GHz. This laptop comes with an lithium-ion battery and has a rated charge normal usage of seven hours. It should be noted, however, if you’re using this laptop on high level performance you’re going to get less life out of your battery. This laptop also comes with the Radeon HD 7850M graphics card.

The operating system for this model is Windows 7 Home Premium edition 64-bit. Because Microsoft announced the release of Windows 8 in the near future you will be able to upgrade your Windows 7 Home Premium edition to a Windows 8 home premium edition for the low cost of $15.

Because Microsoft is trying to move ahead with the times Windows 8 is far more safe, secure, and overall better performance than Windows 7. This is because Microsoft is taken the approach that less is more. Fortunately, the consumer review edition of Windows 8 has not only been successful is also being more user-friendly an enjoyable experience compared to other Windows operating systems.

Some other things. This particular product has is HP envy performance, which is fast start and wake-up times and use a full Adobe apps without interruption. The keyboard on this particular laptop is incredibly bright and backlit so you can even type well in the dark. This also comes with a built-in mouse scroll pad and also keeps the laptop down to cool and comfortable level for your lap.

Other aspects of this laptop are that it comes with a HP Tru vision HD WebCam built-in to the laptop. This is good and even low light environments. This is enjoyable considering that you have to carry around an extra WebCam if you are trying to chat through video chat on Skype.

This laptop comes with a built-in Blu-ray player and Intel WIDI ready. It also comes standard with a built-in CD/DVD burner and built-in memory card slots. It also comes with an HDMI port and a one-year limited hardware warranty from Dell.

This particular laptop also comes with a two-year Norton Internet security 2012 subscription right out-of-the-box. This HP laptop also comes with an HP exclusive of HP. My room premium. This is a 12 month free subscription for four way video calling. I am file sharing in and outside of a virtual room. This laptop also has a lot of emphasis on its musical output abilities and its crisp audio tonality.

Overall, it has a five star out of five star reviews on Amazon because this is a newer laptop. It only has one review on Amazon and this particular consumer review is very positive, especially compared to other HP laptops. Overall, this seems to be HP’s top-of-the-line new laptop that can play the newest games easily and you can have it for a fair price in UK with our HP coupon codes.

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